Custom AndrewMODs – Part 1

Been meaning to build these for a while to alleviate the issue of my dewalts separating from the standard plastic drill boxes, but have only recently started them as preparation for BattleShed.  Basically an AndrewMOD built into a solid aluminium housing. Upgraded needle roller bearing and upgraded shafts (not pictured). The new shafts are 0.5″ chromed hydraulic shaft. A change of a motor face plate, should be able to swap in any RS550/Dewalt “New Style” motor for future bots I build.

A Dewalt motor fitted to an AndrewMOD inside a custom alloy housing I made.

I’ve learnt a lot from this first box, with roughly 10-12 hours of work having gone into it, a few things I’ve got to learn with my craftsmanship to try to increase accuracy but I’m happy with the results so far (Few holes out by 0.25mm – 0.5mm do make a mess at times).

Looking at making it all simpler for the next version of these will be a version what should only require a drill press to make (Although a lathe does save having to buy a few special drill sizes). Will follow the new idea up after BattleShed