The Melty Brain eXperiment

I built this robot in like two weeks while suffering of the flu, so very little was documented at the time.

Melty Brain eXperiment or MBX for short.

General Information:

Armour: 8mm/3mm steel, 5mm aluminium & 1mm stainless
Drive: 1 x 12v Winch motor @ 39.6v geared 3.6:1
Electronics: Spektrum + AVR ATMEGA168 + SSR + MMA2300D 250G Accelerometer
Batteries: 39.6v from 2 x 19.8v A123 MEC Packs
Weapon: Translational Spinner, 13.6kg @ 1500RPM = Lots of Kinetic energy
Weight: 10.8kg

Test Video


Needs work, but it’s progressing fairly well. It’s come together amazingly fast in just 2 weeks…