MBX 2.0 – Part 4

The motors and wheels are now all mounted to the base plate.

Made the first tooth today, it’s made out of 8mm thick car leaf spring. Will bolt them onto the shell with 2 or 4 x M12 8.8 bolts.


Drives are all done now, working on the meltyboard tonight, going to load the new code and start wiring it up. Need to work out if I’m going to have enough space for 2 x 10cell packs in parallel and still fit all the electronics, i’d prefer two packs in it because with the 1 motor on 12cells got the batteries pretty warm after 3mins of testing, so 2 motors might just be too much for 1 string of cells. I’d never have thought I’d see the day I’d have 20 x A123 cells in a featherweight