More woes… And the GTFO engine cover

Quick post to cover the last week or two’s madness

All the new parts arrive!
Replacement oil and water pumps fitted
New timing belt kit fitted
Sump reinstalled and all the covers put back on

Then, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU… As I went to put my crank pulley back onto the 20V this morning, I found it had a filthy big crack in the snout…

So, while I wait for a second hand crank pulley to arrive, I moved onto another project for the day. A GTFO engine cover vent.

I took this and followed the instructions.

Rum may or may not have been consumed during the process…

Then I mocked the vent idea up out of cardboard

It’s very basic and that means it will be easier to make 🙂 I then whipped it up in solidworks so I have a working plan.

Once I had the materials on hand, I moved onto doing this.
Cut it out with my old jigsaw (which is trying to die…)
I made a clamping jig to bend the aluminium with.
Then folded the up rights.
Starting to take shape now
Fitting it to the engine cover I cut up
Still need to the the last bend yet for a proper fitment test.
Quick placement on the AW11. Thunderbirds are GO!
Then finished off the final bend and fitted the vent properly

Just need to get around to tweaking the shape a bit, riveting it onto the engine cover, then I’ll dig out the filler and learn how to hide my dodginess. Few rattle cans of red paint will finish it off and it can get mounted onto the car. Only weigh’s 5.7kg total, which is still saving me some weight since I removed the wing.

Well, till next time!