Moved and Keen!

Just finished moving house on the weekend, decided to christen the garage tonight with some AW11 + 1MZFE goodness 😀

The crappy stock Camry exhaust fitted. Flows like a rock and is restrictive as AIDS, but it’s an easy bolt on solution. Should be sweet to remove in the future and get a good 20HP improvement.

SW20 Turbro muffler to go with the 1MZ, should flow enough for the 3L 🙂

Lifting the AW11 up to slide the 1MZ under her.

Motor under her

Back on the ground

Removed the boot so I can climb around the back without damaging the boot

Lifting the motor into position

Enough space over the gearbox for a GT35 in future 😀

Will try to get the drive shafts in tomorrow night and start aligning it all up to work out where I need to make the mounts.