Square peg meet round hole – Part 2

Well, finally found out what was causing the binding when I torqued all the gearbox case bolts up!
It wasn’t until I removed the crown wheel that I could actually see it!

I scrubbed a marker over the area, dropped the lsd back in and gave it a few spins to see where the rubbing was

Due to it being after 8pm, I couldn’t use the grinder, so I dug out the ba$1ard file and removed around 2mm off the casing and then smoothed it up a bit with a flap sander disc (I’ve no sand paper [:P])

Now it clears with around 1mm of clearance.

Just cleaning up the gasket surfaces at the moment so I can put some sealant on it and put the box back together!

And the next day… I finished the gearbox.

I only have one left over bolt after the whole thing, but I have a feeling it actually belongs to my gear puller…