20V Swap Stuff

Another days work brings the 20V conversion ever so close to completion.

I finished off my C56 gearbox early this morning, after having swapped the C52 AW11 center gearbox casing onto the AE101 C56 gearbox.

Then after a few hours of putting the motor on the box and getting it under the car and lifted into place, it looked like this.

Since the exhaust was off the car, I decided to change the rear sway bar over from the stock AW11 swaybar to an SW20 rear sway bar. As you can see in the below photo, the SW20 sway bar is a much bigger bar.

Due to differences between the two cars, the mounts and clamps didn’t match up, so I modified them with a hacksaw and hammer.

And this was the finished product

Will see how it goes once I finish the remaining work for the 20V conversion