What?! Another AW11…. Or is it?

Time for another little story. This time it’s about how I had three AW11’s in my driveway and why my AW11 is now engineless..

It all started about a month ago, when I found a cheap AW11 with a 20V Silvertop motor in it, for sale in Brissy for $2k. I sent the advert to a mate on Facebook who was looking for a cheap, first car. Another friend of mine saw the post I put on facebook and decided he was keen to check it out. Long story short, my mate was short on cash, I’d buy the 20V Silvertop out of it and give him my 16V (with some refreshments)

So we start with a white AW11

With a 4AGE 20V Silvertop

Then we hauled in my red AW11

With a 4AGE 16V

Mandatory Owner in Engine bay photo

Then we moved onto servicing the 16V ready for another 100000km of 4AGE reliability and performance. Made 89.9RWHP when I last had it dyno’d, which isn’t bad for 20+ years old!

Stripping the motor down.

Check out the cool little tool I made to remove the valve spring retainers

New timing belt, valve stem seals, water pump and cam seals all done

Sump off to swap over to the 20V. My AW11 has a factory oil cooler that drains back into the sump while my mates doesn’t

But it turns out the sumps are different…

On to Plan B (Drilling a hole in the sump for the 20V and putting a plug in the 16V sump)

Welding up a broken gearbox mount

20V and 16V motors have their coolant inlet/outlets in opposite ends of the heads. So had to make up a new radiator hose…

to fit where the factory oil cooler live.

Then we started to put the engine back in, so I stopped taking photos and just put the GoPro on timelapse insteadhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-f-M7lQ2PQ

Then the ever glorious, first start up video!

Now I just have to find the time to put the 20V Silvertop into my AW11 with the spare close ratio C56 gearbox I have…