20V swap woes

So, as per previous posts, I swapped my 16V for a 20V out of a mates car. We swapped over the 16V into his car, and everything went peachy. Put the 20V into my car and shit didn’t work. Turns out the slight mis-fire that was developing in his car as we brought it home was the ECU dying a slow death with capacitors leaking. After sitting for 3mths untouched, the capacitors leaked into the ECU PCB and damaged it. But hey, that’s cool, I wanted to go MegaSquirt anyway! So I through down the cash for a MegaSquirt DIYPNP and picked up some nice 1ZZFE coilpacks at the same time.

I spent a month or two getting the DIYPNP wired up, and running. Sequential fuel, sequential spark, VVT, VR Dizzy/CAS and ITB mode were all new things to me, so had a few hurr durr moments getting it going. Eventually, I got it going! Took it out for a few laps to see how it went without much tuning, it wasn’t bad.


The next day, I decided to go for a drive and have a go at tuning the maps a bit. Went to chuck a U turn past the local servo and it suddenly stalled, there was a bit of a clatter and a clunk and the car rolled to a stop.  The car came home on a tilt tray, the first car I’ve had in 6 years to come home on one… After a massive 15km of driving since it was put back together, it was now broken. It sat in the drive way for a month or three as I was too busy with work and other hobbies to investigate.

But eventually, free time and withdrawals from driving my AW11 kicked in and I pulled the gearbox out of the car. The flywheel bolts have sheared, the flywheel stayed on the crank, but both the crank and flywheel facing surfaces were ruined…
So I recently bought another flywheel and crank, today I started the process of fixing the 20V 🙂

Been a busy little afternoon in my little patio/workshop (Can’t work in Garage due to V6 project and mill/lathe :D). I pulled the bottom end apart on the 20V, the timing gear was a complete bitch tit and wouldn’t shift…

Bearings looked good, and everything was sweet in good condition, so no worries there. Ended up separating my crank/oil pump/timing gear assembly with a big hammer. New crank goes in and I buttoned it back up.  Just ordered a new water pump since the currently looks pretty old and I don’t want to have to pull the bloody thing back out in 20000kms cause the water pump has shits itself..