Big Brakes – ST185 Upgrade

Decided to get around to fitting my ST185 twinpot brake calipers today. I used the ZZE123 Corolla 255X25 brake discs with this conversion and 2mm spacers to correct the offset of the disc. Usually for this conversion, people use the ST185 brake disc, which is a 5 stud disc and needs re-drilled to suit the AW11.

Couple of quick pictures to show the setup.
The twin pot fitted with a 14″ steelie rim over them. They just clear (well, just rubs the paint on the calipers…)

But they work much better with 15″ rims.

A pretty simple mod to do in the grand scheme of things since it’s all bolt on, once I get some new pads (current ones are old, glazed and have uneven wear) I’ll be able to see how much of a difference they make. As they are on the car at the moment, the pedal is a little softer initially, but when you stand on them, it’s still easy to lock the fronts up.