Slidewize Jap VS Aus day

On Saturday, took the TrackDub to the Slidewize Jap VS Aus day.
Had a blast and got some good practice in on hydro hand brake during the skid sessions.
In the timed events, I managed to jump a V6 Commodore off the line on the “Go to Woah” shoot out for a win, before lining up against a V8 Commodore ute and getting smashed. After that, I managed to beat another Commodore on the figure of 8 shootout course, then went toe to toe with an R33 Skyline, where we had to go into a re-run (too close to call) and then I locked up a bit on one corner and put myself a half car length behind.
Then they moved onto the sprint circuit, where I got a chance to show them what the AW11 is all about. I set the fastest times in both runs (beating a V35 350GT Skyline), but both times failed to pull the AW11 up in the garage at the end. The KU31 tires were locking up and swinging off the hydro hand brake didn’t help stop her. Should have braked earlier!

Jap team ended up winning, 164 points to 150 points.

Couple of photos

In the paddock waiting for drivers breifing.