Broken Engine Mounts

Well after the fun session at Willowbank, the TrackDub came home with a slight viabration noise that was noticeable down low but not while cruising along on the high way. I just assumed it was something that had come loose in the engine bay and was vibrating (or the over flow bottle had landed down on the diff again…).
I checked out the engine bay and a little poke around lead me to this!

A totally raped engine mount that has broken all the way through and let the motor shift against the mounting point itself, hence the vibration. So the next little project for this weekend is to get my spare mounts out, sikaflex them up and swap them over.
Following that, I’m going to do cut up the broken mounts and cast 90A poly urethane into them for some new extreme mounts! Look out for a quick guide on doing that in the future!