The bonnet vent – part 3

Another update on the bonnet vent. Started off this afternoon by transferring my dummy mdf panel to aluminium and adding some paper craft style tabs.

Then cut it out

Then folded it as needed

Due to being unorganised and all the shops were closed, I used what ever I had on hand… Tek Screws…

Nothing says bogan like sheet metal and tek screws…

Followed by some 5min rub down with some 400 grit before slopping on some glossy black paint for some rattle cans I had laying around the garage.

When I get some more time, I’ll get some gear together, strip the paint off, get some body filler out and smooth out and fill all the gaps and tidy it up properly before buying proper paint for it and spray it with the spray gun (no more rattle cans!). Next time, I move onto finishing the vent ducting on the car and weld up the frame and seal it all back up with chassis sealer!