The bonnet vent – part 4

Tonight I removed the old stock thermo fans on the AW11 and fitted a single 12″ thermo fan from Supercheap Auto.
I decided to do this for a couple of reasons:
1. The second thermo fan has only ever worked when I had airconditioning in the car, which it no longer has and the second fan no longer works, so it’s just dead weight.
2. The primary fan that does work is on one side and doesn’t blow the air directly into the next bonnet vent (sorts blows to the side of it.)
3. The stock setup has a steel sheet metal shroud which has a fair bit of weight in it.

So I pulled the radiator out and gave it a quick flush and a scrub while it was out, then moved onto installing the new thermo fan.
The old fans compared to the new one.

Saving around 50mm of thickness.

New fan ziptied on… Slightly more dodgy then the normal mounting kits… (Zipties lasted for 8 years on my old S13…)

And the view through the bonnet scoop.

I’ll be back to working on the bonnet scoop this weekend, I’ve booked the workshop at work to access the mig welder and I’ll weld up the firewall cut out properly, then seal it with chassis sealer. After that it’s onto making the rest of the cowling to finish the vent off and move onto body filling the gaps and edges to make it look better.