The bonnet vent – part 6

Another busy day in the driveway!

First up, the bonnet was given a coat of etch primer. This is the first time I’ve used an electric spray gun before and it’s certainly causing a few difficulties. Despite what it says on the box about paint viscosity, I seem to get better results the thinner I make the paint and increase the spray power… Wierd machines, think I’ll be able to make it useful with some hacked mods to it, but in stock form these things are **** 😛

Next up I started making the ducting that forces the air flow from the radiator to the bonnet vent. This is a rough jig I use for making big bends across the sheet, its not perfect, but it’s better then trying to do it by hand or over the edge of a table or concrete slab.

The first version ready to fit.

And it fits fairly well, just a few areas to modify. You can see where the cutouts allow the radiator hoses to pass through.

Quickly put the radiator back in to make sure the thermofan cleared the duct. Enough space to slide my hand down the back of the fan.

Now I decided to quickly add the final rough dimensions just for those that might be interested in doing this them selves. It’s a very, very rough guide! YMMV!

Painted the duct stealth black. Maaaaaad!

Then gave the firewall cut out a lick of paint as well.

Then I mounted the duct with some rivets and gave the whole lot a quick spray to make it all uniform

The view through the front from the numberplate

It’s getting dark now, so I might go get started on fitting the other coilover and refit the radiator back into the front end.