Random jobs before a track day

Finally after two weeks of waiting, the silicon bend comes from JustJap, so I finished off the intake. I was making some brackets up to hold the pod enclosure, but it’s really rigid just from the support of the silicone hose, so I’ll leave it be.

Since I dropped the 20V into the TrackDub, the over flow bottle has just floated around on top of the gearbox and in between various hoses and looms, so to avoid it ending up somewhere else while out on track (like on the drive shaft like my old 16V one did…) I ended up making this bracket to hold it.

Will just put a ziptie around it to hold it into the bracket.

And to continue with the tidy up work on the car, I decided to restore the flaking paint on the trims.

Even the wipers that were slowly turning purple copped a rattle can job. Also found out that paint doesn’t adhere to the rubber trims (not seals) around the doors. Ended up having to use wax and grease remove to take off the tacky wet paint, which still seemed to add a bit more life to the trims.

Just have the drivers side to finish off in the morning.

I would post up a pick of the bonnet in it’s first coat of black paint, but the results are ****. I’ve officially resided to the fact everything spray paint related is against me currently. The regulator on my air compressor is fail, my compressor is too small, my gun sucks and splatters a bit too often, the wind picks up every time I mix up some paint and my clothes line makes a **** spray booth… I reprimand myself to $5 rattle cans from SuperTheif Auto!

Next up, deciding if I have enough time to sand the rims and give them a spray in sexy white.