Big Brakes – SW20 Upgrade

Rear brake upgrade time with a set of AW11 front rotors and SW20 turbo rear calipers. Also threw in a set of 75mm wheel studs since the 5mm spacer needed for this conversion leaves you with just a couple of threads to hold on with the stock studs.

Studs knocked into place. I didn’t have to machine the knurl on them like the front hubs, so that was a bonus!

254X22 AW11 front rotor fitted with a 5mm waterjet cut spacer behind it. Leaves basically no hub left to center the rim, which is a real worry. I’m going to look at a couple of hub mods to fix though in the future (pending the wheels don’t fall off between here and Wakefield >.>)

Brackets and calipers bolted on with some TRW pads.

And with a wheel back on, plenty of caliper to rim clearance (30-40mm) with my favourite little set of 15X7″ ALT rims (If anyone knows where I can get more of these, LET ME KNOW!).