The bonnet vent – part 7

Nice 35’c heat today, which I enjoy, however humidity is insane and makes me sad panda… But progress was made! Today I got into fitting the flush mount bonnet pins that I picked up off ebay.

Started by working out where they were to get fitted, traced the mount onto the bonnet then drilled some holes. Because I lack some tools in the garage right now, I drill heaps of small holes to cut circles out….

I run a couple of slots in it with the grinder

Then bend the cut outs up

Flex them a few times with the pliers and they snap out

File them a bit with a random rat tail file

Then started press fitting the fixture into the bonnet

Then drilled the holes into the bonnet using my 11 year old corded, cordless drill.

Put some rivets in the holes.

Tada, it’s done…

Now to wait for the sun to go done so I can get around to flushing the brakes with Motul RBF 660 and bleed the system.