The MR2 Challenge – Day 1 – The Voyage, Part 1

Been an interesting day.
First up, some twat forgot to secure the oil cap correctly…

Amazing how far a 4AGE will go with half a sump full of oil… <facepalm>
Drove 150km with the oil cap sitting on the rocker cover, was only when I gave it a blast at Highfields (Near Toowoomba) that oil ended up on the rear window and gave me a brown moment. Spent 15mins at the car wash “degreasing” the car and engine bay, at least it wont rust in there any time soon…

Pit stop at Glen Innes for fuel and drinks

Another pitstop at Tamworth, no photo due to iPhone, inverter and GPS all over heating. We suffered 44’c temps from Tenterfield to Muswellbrook before running into torrential rain that slowed us down to 40km/h on the highway 😛 TrackDub ran a little hot a few times along the ranges, but that might have been because I was flogging it along to overtake caravans, trucks and grannies in Mazda 6’s.

Now chilling out at Singleton in air conditioning!