The MR2 Challenge – Day 5 – Set Sail, For Queensland!

So it was time to head home… Sadly… We’d met some great people, made a bunch of new friends and had an awesome time on the track, but now we must head home.
We loaded up the cars.

Blessed the AW11 at the Wakefield Shrine (front gates), and began the trip home.

Into Goulburn…. For Breakfast, a massage (2 days of laps annihilated my shoulder 🙁 ) and some shopping

And found me a new race helmet

Went and had the R888’s removed from the AW11 and the KU31’s refitted

Then we left Goulburn behind *sniff* and headed to Windsor and Parramatta to catch up with some Toymods members for a Beer O’Clock. I also happened to pick this up from one of the AW11 Anons…

Yep… An AW11 tow bar…