AW11 20V Electrigremlins – part 1

Well when the AW11 have to come home on the back of the tilt tray after the MR2 cruise, I found that it had some wiring issues, specifically around the grounds on the head.

Ah, nothing like fixing some dodgy work done by previous people. Finally got into pulling the 20V loom out today after a really lazy easter… I found a bunch of cut wires just floating in the loom and a bunch of melted grounds and power wires. I’ve started pulling extra unused circuits out of the loom and removed a couple of connectors I no longer use (AFM, O2 etc etc).

Some melted and corroded ground wires.

Random wires that had just been cut and left floating in the loom

The stripped down loom

A bunch of wires that I’ll remove from the loom shortly, once I double check they are not important.

A pile of rubbish I have already removed from the loom.