AW11 20V Electrigremlins – part 2

I’ve procrastinated too much the past few weeks and the DownShift Track Battle is only next weekend, I guess I should get the car going >.>

The loom is now 80% done, just have to run some new power wires for the COPs loom, test it all back in the car, then put it in some loom sleeve and wrap it back up in tape.. I’ve managed to remove a bunch of connectors that are not needed, replaced all the melted earth wires, tidied up the wiring and fix a couple of dodgy things, like the fuel pump running off the ignition, now it runs off a fused relay that is controlled by the ECU :D.

Here’s to hoping the problems are now fixed, if not, I might have to go repossess my Paseo for a last minute track car…