The Pearly Whites

For a long while now, I’ve found the tarnished, faded and brake dust baked color of my rims has just been a little boring.

So I decided to the the Nappisan out and make my rims white!

Actually, I got the oven cleaner out… They went from this:
and this

to this

I think oven cleaner worked well because of all these bad things it says not to do with it. Like spray on aluminium…

I think I ignored 7-8 warnings >.>

A quick trip to SuperTheif Auto for 4 cans of paint and some masking tape, and I was on my way to sparkly whites!

Nek minut!

One of them is really ****, I start spraying on the edge of dark, and the humidity went up, so the paint took about 4x longer to dry, I added my coats 15 mins apart (oblivious to the paint not drying) and I ended up with a bunch of runs on one of the rims. So I dug out the winter heater and turned my bathroom into a make shift oven to help the coats set and cure.

Will do the remaining two wheels tomorrow night and it should be looking all sexy for the DownShift Track Battle!