Goodbye Schmackhed, hello KNIGHTROUS WEDGE

and it’s back………… Fresh rebuild, fresh name.


Dug this old thing out, zip tied in a 5S 4000mAh lipol, a pair of BotBitz 85A ESC’s and bolted a pair of Dewalts onto it (stolen straight out of Annoying Box Rush). All done in a hastily 4hrs so I could make it to a local no spinners event.

I bolted on an alloy plate to the back and mounted the DeWuts to it since I couldn’t drill through the Hardox 450…

Deliciously powerful Dewuts that have already proven to be good.

Only after 8 years, has the drive train finally become reliable and it’s actually won something. Only real issue is, speed hasn’t picked up despite having the dewalts in it, but it’s purely a case of no traction. So while the weight distrobution makes the wedge uber effective, it just doesn’t have enough weight over the wheels to make it super fast.

It’s ~1kg underweight, so with a smaller battery, a couple of tweaks, I might actually be able to get the weight down enough to build that lifter/clamper.

Check out my event report here -> CLICKITY CLICK