Backyard Brawl – 08/06/2014

This was an small backyard event using the QRSC arena in a 3×3 configuration instead of the usual 4×4. There was no roof, so spinners were told to stay home.
Knightrous Wedge was slapped together in a hurry the day before, taking the remains of Schmackhed and adapting the Dewut drives from Farmboy/Annoying Box Rush to the rear. Lastly, I welded a bit of stainless bar in a v shape to the top to allow it to drive upside down, self right and to push other bots with.

I didn’t take any photos during the event, so I’ve only got a couple of screen shots from the videos. Thanks to M&J for putting the fights up on youtube.

Fight 1: Aussie Battler
A nifty lifter and grabber robot built by Phil. Not an overly fast robot, but Phil is a consistent driver and just waits till he can make a move. Luckily I was able to keep wedging Aussie Battler and push him into the walls before eventually putting him into the ‘pit’.
Winner: Knightrous Wedge

Fight 2: Mental Bot
A boxy pushy bot built by Tim.
This fight wasn’t exciting, as it mainly consisted of both bots dancing around each other and lining up. However, I was consistently doing all the wedging and pushed Mental Bot around the arena. Towards the end of the fight, Mental Bot was having drive issues and ended up stuck in the pit.
Winner: Knightrous Wedge

Fight 3: Monkey
A boxy pushy bot built by Scott, who was hosting the event.
This fight was a lot of dancing, Monkey was a little faster and even when wedged could drive off relatively easy due to 4WD. We both made a few trips into the pit and drive back out, I managed to also get a few decent pushes, sending Monkey into the wall each time. The fight went the full 3 minutes and the fight ended up being given to me.
Winner: Knightrous Wedge

Fight 4: Wanda
An axle bot with fast winch motor drives, built by Jules. Normally Wanda has a big thwackbot tail on it, but Jules arrived at this event with a couple of fork type wedge attachments. This fight was mostly spent chasing after Wanda, trying to wedge it so I could get it’s forks stuck in the hoopty and then push it into a wall. The match went the full distance and was given in our favor.
Winner: Knightrous Wedge

Fight 5: RUMBLE!!!! 
All working robots jump in on this fight and kick the crap out of each other for 8 minutes! Nothing left to do then show the video.