Legnum – RMS Bullshit

I transferred the registration of the Legnum into my name at the RMS, I then proceeded to order some custom plates for it.

As the registration was a couple of weeks out, I was preparing the car to pass it’s inspection (Mandatory here before you can even pay for your registration). I purchased some new tires and had booked the inspection, then I received a letter from the RMS.

TL;DR: Your car is defected, you have to clear it before we will let you pay registration.

Okay, this was annoying because not only did the defect no show up in the vehicle history check and financial searches, but the RMS did not even notify me when I put the vehicle into my name. I was pissed, but time was ticking so I needed to fix what ever the defect was and get the car registered. I called the RMS hoping to find out what the defect was so I could focus on fixing that (I had put new tires on it, so it might have already been fixed), however the RMS once again were useless as a kick in the balls. They could not tell me what the defect was, yet would happily tell me that I cannot register my car…


So instead of trying to rush a million things and hope it passes, I decided to just let the rego lapse (The defect means it will need to due a full inspection anyway…).