Legnum – Intercooler Upgrade – Part 1

The intercooler on the Legnum looked pretty haggard, so I searched the internet to find out what would fit and then ordered the closes sided intercooler from JustJap.

The old EVO 4 intercooler and ebay looking hard pipes had seen better days… The car was also missing the reo bar! Luckily I picked one of those up.

Wow, whoever installed this just spray pained the hose clamps and the silicon….

And the paint the intercooler, while on the car….

And to get to this mounting tab with a socket, then just love tapped the intercooler till there was space.

They also removed the blow off valve, and joined the two hoses with a bit of pipe in and a bolt in it… DoDgY!

I tracked down some stock pipes to replace the ebay shit.

Out with the old!

In with the new. New reo bar fitted, some temporary plates to hold the intercooler up until I can modify the reo bar to have mounts.

A 45deg silicon pipe will easily work here.

A 90deg silicon bend for the other side.

A couple of pen marks for where I will have a brace from the bar to the bonnet catch so it’s supported.