ARDC NightShift – 18/03/2021

I was hoping the weather was going to get better, oh boy was I wrong.
It rained for the week leading up to the event and the whole day and night of it.

Setting up the pits with a friend and his Nissan NX.

Checking the fluids and preparing for the first session.

My broken camera on my phone doesn’t emphasize how wet the place is.

As apart of the event we all were given a free pizza, so I kept mine here…

I had the RaceBox datalogger setup, however ran into issues with it.


Running the AR-1 tires was a massive mistake, but it was a great way to learn to drive in such conditions.

My first session… This sums it up.

I had followed the NX for the warm up lap and was pretty confident that I was faster, so I decided to get pass him on the straight. Problem was while over taking I lost track of how far down the straight we were, how fast I was going, got distracted by the car trying to change lanes when I grabbed 5th gear. Then it was a bit balancing act of trying to knock of a bunch of speed with out throwing the car into a spin down… Well that worked hahaha.

After recovering, we made it around to last corner before the red lights came on and the session was cancelled. Two other cars had come off and needed retrived and a Porsche had broken down in pit lane entry.

The rest of the night went fine, a bunch of sketchy moments but some good sessions none the less. I put a few slices of the drama here.