Legnum Major Service – Part 1

This was supposed to be done around New Years when I had some time off, but life happened and the Legnum just sat in the corner.

So with a long weekend, it was time to make a start. I spent the morning setting the garage up so I could position the hoist in a place to work on the legnum, but still fit the WRX in the garage and be able to access all my tools.

*** Side note, I bought a new phone, so my photos will no longer have the Mars Rover Duststorm filter on… ***


Go time.

There is a lot of things to remove >.>

I removed the battery to find a pair of pliers under it… WTF.

Coolant drained and the radiator is removed. It looks a bit cruddy, so it will likely get a flush or I’ll price up an alloy replacement.

The front turbo is now exposed. Such a tiny snail! (TD03 for those playing at home)

Battery tray, air filter box, air flow meter and cold side intercooler hose all removed

Hot side intercooler and lower pipe removed.

Lifted a bit higher so I could get under it and remove the ‘Y-pipe’ from the motor.

Y pipe removed. Surprisingly easy to remove, unlike when I removed the exhaust on the SW20 1MZ….

Now to tackle this mess…

Dug some paint pens out to mark hoses so they go back in the right spot.

This funny wobbly Y pipe is where the air flow meter feeds into both turbos.

More paint pen marks, this time to ensure the plugs go to the correct spot.

The hot side piping removed from the turbos and sat aside, quite a new setup.

And now we can see the rear turbo.

And the intake plenum is now removed so the wiring loom can be freed.

And that’s it for the night, so I installed some boost rags.