Legnum Major Service – Part 2

I’m just going to preface this post.
80% of this has been easy, but the remaining 20% has taken 50% of the time.
Damn we hit some shitty spots today and found a few things that left us scratching our heads and wondering ‘WTF would you do it light that…’

First up today it was removing the rest of the loom. Now this part was just stupid, because the rest of the loom just goes from the body to the top of the head. This part of the loom does the starter, the rear bank injectors and the alternator loom. To do that, the front turbo intake pipe needs removed.
To remove that, the thermostat and automatic transmission filter need removed…

And with all of that shit removed, you can now get to the loom…

The inlet pipe is the ugliest little fucker, but amazingly does the job.

The north / south support bar with the front engine mount was removed next.
The drive shafts also came out with minimal fuss.

Dragged the old faithful crane out.

Starting the drop of the engine.

Dropping the engine was a little painful, it took close to an hour as we worked the quirks of how it has to come out. The gearbox and alternator kept fouling on the K frame.

Good feeling to have it finally on the ground.

With the engine out, it will get a degrease and general tidy up. The loom has a lot of coating cracking off, so I’ll probably recoat it.

And tomorrow’s pain in the ass… the 6A13TT

Let’s see what tomorrow brings….