Legnum Major Service – Part 3

Last time on Dragon Ball Z….

We had the engine on the floor, the plan was to remove the front timing covers to access the timing belt/tensioners and water pump, then move onto removing the cam covers and camshafts to service the lifters and valve stem seals.

The crank pulley has to come off and I didn’t have the tool for it, so a bit of scrap alloy was recycled with a couple of holes added to it to work.

This allowed the front covers to be removed.

Water pump was pretty scummy and leaking at the gasket.

The rest of the timing belt setup removed and the lower intake manifold removed.

And then we found this, a lot of sludge and grime.

Looking at this, I decided that the heads should get a full service as any work I do is just going to suffer from the sludge it has.

So I pulled them off and have sent them to my local engine builder to strip, hot tank, service and fit the new parts while they have them.

The engine itself looks okay, the bores look clean and still retain the factory cross hatching.

While the heads are off getting a once over, I will pull the sump off the motor and check that there is no sludge there either and that the oil pickup is not sludged up as well.

And before signing off, check out TinyTurbo.