ZZW30 – The Light Bar Of Freedom

I was looking to make an interstate trip, but the ZZW30 has pathetic lights, which left me a little worried about righting it off if I was to have an altercation with a Kangaroo.

Macropus rufus, Red Kangaroo

I found one of these nifty Narva LED light bars with a number plate bracket and the matching Narva wiring loom at my local AutoOne.
Perfect for this little car where I’m not really wanting to drill holes for a light.

Bracket goes on behind the number plate and use the standard number plate bolts to hold it on.

The LED Light bar bolts to that and the hardware side of it is done.

Grabbed the wiring loom kit and hacked it into the car, lazily pinched a trigger wire from the high beam circuit.


I missed getting some photos before taking a trip, but the light bar is insanely good and allows a good 250+m of clear visibility up the road, great for spotting wildlife well in advance of getting close to them. I’ll add some photos and videos to this post at a later date.