Legnum – Brembo Brakes

I happened to trip across some Brembo brakes for the Legnum one early morning and after dilemma decided it was better to buy them now instead of replacing all the existing rotors and pads to find out that brakes are still shit… So I bought them, some face lift front up rights and some other random Legnum parts.

These things a funking big, but the calipers are amazingly light. This upgrades the front to 320×30 and the rear to 300×24

Just slapped on the front of the car by the top join.

The rears needed the dust shields remove to fit, they were just simply spot welded on, so a little pull and wiggle freed them. At a later date I’ll make new ones.

Test fitting one of the rears to see if there was going to be any silly games with the rear handbrake drum, thankfully it went well. However it showed that I need to purchase some new rear drum shoes as these are quite worn.

Mitsubishi were pretty awesome and planned it so these bad boys would fit under stock Evo wheels.

Back side view, plenty of space.

Front side view.