Legnum Major Service – Part 7

Another order from TME arrived with the new LCA’s and tie rod ends (This job would have been done sooner if it wasn’t for another company who stuffed me around saying they had stock, but didn’t, then ordered it in, then shipped me non-genuine parts instead… Still chasing them for a refund!)

LCA connected to the hub. While I was here, I decided I would look at adjusting the coilovers to get some might height.

After winding off the lower piece of the coil over, it become obvious that there isn’t enough thread to raise the height using the lower section.

I decided 40mm would be enough and would get the rest out of the top.

The spring land was wound higher by 15mm. This will have added some preload to the spring that should give it some static lift as well.

Bolted it all back in.

The steering rack boots and tie rods were trashed, so they were next to get some lovin.

And done!

While upgrading to the Brembo brakes, I’ve decided to get some braided brake lines made up to replace the aging factory one. These are getting shipped to HEL Performance in Brisbane.