Legnum Major Service – Part 10

Time for the water pump.

Old on was pretty worn and leaking.

Pump gooped and bolted.

Timing gears back on. As I was bolting the new timing kit on, I noticed I was missing the new tensioner pulley that bolts to the hydraulic tensioner. Flipped the shed over and emptied all the random boxes but couldn’t find it, so I’ve had to order another one. This will delay this part of the job for another week or two.

With the timing belt stall, time to tackle some other small bits. Brand new plugs.

The coolant bridge pipe and thermostat housing is a mess and leaking, it needs a good cleaning and to find where the leaks are.

I found the source of one of the leaks, along with an old crunchy hose. I’ll have to decided if it’s worth reaming the old fitting out and welding an alloy barb fitting on.

Quick brake clean and a scrub of the lower intake manifold before plonking it back on.