Legnum Major Service – Part 11

More parts arrived for the Legnum, so it was time to crack on.

New exhaust manifold gaskets.

Still awaiting new manifold nuts, so just a couple of old ones to hold it together for now.

New timing belt tensioner pulley arrived

Started aligning the timing and putting the belt on. I like to use zip ties to keep the belt in place as I go.

All done, several laps of the belt done and the tensioner pin has been pulled.


Looking forward to start buttoning this motor up now and getting it back in the car. Once I have the new manifold nuts and a couple of new copper washers for the banjo bolts on the turbos, they can all go back together. The thermostat hosing is looking like I will need to weld a new fitting on to replace the rusted one, more on that next time.