GC8 Engine Rebuild – Part 2

While the motor was apart, the missus decided she wanted to add some color to the engine bay.
Purple is her color and wow, engine bay is going to stand out now….
The cam covers have now been shipped off to get the same treatment.

A stark contrast when bolted to a filthy motor…

This has been a long time coming! Side feed injectors are hard to find decent upgrades for a most are not E85 friendly. I was looking to make my own rails using some universal fuel rail and TIG weld some tabs and spacers, but really, for the cost of the Radium Engineering conversion kit, it was just easier to open the wallet.

I had been keeping an eye on Raceworks 980cc injectors for a while as there are affordable (compared to the recommended Injector Dynamics injectors which are $1200/set!!), I priced them up at my local AutoOne who stocks them and they were $155ea. I decided to do one last google pass before committing and found that EFI Solutions was selling genuine Bosch 980cc injectors with plugs for $93ea! So in the shopping cart they went!

They are actually a 1/2 long snout injector with an adaptor over the snout to turn them into 3/4 length injectors.

They fitted perfectly with the Radium kit!

Next up I’ll be ordering some parts to make some -8 hoses for the fuel rails to the Turbosmart FPR1200 I have.
Till next time!