Legnum Major Service – Part 15

Into the new workshop and the Legnum is back on the operating table.

While reassembling the intake, I dropped a fuel rail spacer and it some how ended up down the inside of the timing cover… So the timing covers and crank pulley had to all come back off…

First problem was I couldn’t get the crank pulley off as the bolt was cranked up tight. I have a nifty trick for doing this, I pull a spark plug out and feed a meter of rope into the bore. Then slow spin the crank over till the piston compresses the rope and lock the crank up.

Works every time!

And there is the damn spacer…

I’ll leave the front covers off while I put the intake back together just incase it happens again 😛

Fuel rail back on, no fail so far…

Intake back on.

Lower timing cover back on, just about to put the crank pulley on.

Rope out of the motor and the spark plug and coil back into their normal positions

Air conditioner compressor reinstalled.

I forgot to take some photos of what happened next, but the power steering pump when back in and the lines were reconnected.
Till next time!