Legnum Major Service – Part 16

The Legnum has had 3 out of 4 knackered drive shafts since I bought it, the fronts so wrecked that they were not able to be rebuilt.
When I bought the Brembo brake upgrade, I also picked up a full spare set of driveshafts. I dropped those shafts off to TME Motorsports recently to have the boots replaced/serviced.

The refurbished rears (fronts were already on the car before I took photos >.>)

Showing the front drivers side drive shaft with it’s special silicon boot.

Onto the rear!

Never touched the rear end except for when doing the brembo swap. I’m just going to undo control arms until I can pull the shaft out.

And that worked.

This shaft was the only good shaft on the car, so I’ve put it aside for a future rebuild if ever needed.

New shaft seated into the AYC diff.

Added some copper grease to prevent the driveshaft spines from getting stuck in the hub at a future date.

And it’s all back together.

Wheel back on and onto the other side.

Out of the hub side.

And I forgot to take photos as I put the new one back in, but it’s all done. 4 refurbished shafts should keep it going for a while.

The next mess on the Legnum is the engine loom. When removing it from the engine, it removed a lot of itself in the process. Over the years, it has become super brittle and crackly. So I have to do something with it.

I bought 10 rolls of Nitto tape and some loom covering.

Loom plastic on

Taped over and while not professional by any means, it will do the job.

Next section.

Wrapped and ready

Doesn’t fit 100% as it use to, but it’s not falling apart in my hands.

Added the turbo hot pipe back on as I’ve got most of the loom near it in place.

And that’s it for the day.

Till next time.