Legnum Major Service – Part 17

Another weekend has arrived, time to spend some more time on this bloody Legnum.

The intake manifold had to come back off to get the rear bank injector loom plugged in and direct the alternator wiring down the back of the motor.

Tidied up some of the wiring and mounted it back to it’s place on the intake manifold.

There are just hoses and wires running every where down here. I have had hoses on and off as I’ve put them on and realised I cannot access a bolt or another hose while that one is in the road..

This fkn transmission plug was buried under the turbo intake pipe, I could not find out where the plug went until I looked at a parts diagram…

Hidden way down there.

Time to put a blow off valve back into the car.

This lovely little GFB unit should do the job nicely.

Just need to source some 5mm ID vacuum hose and it will be ready to finish plumbing.
Till next time.