Legnum – Intercooler Upgrade – Part 3

When I first test fitted the new intercooler, I wasn’t a fan of how low it sat on the car. It was lower than the tow point and it was going to get hit any time the front bar hit something (road kill, steep drive ways, debri, etc). So I decided to look at another option.

How it currently fit.

With the impact bar removed, you can probably see where I’m going with this.

I removed all the bits that were in the road.

And the intercooler ‘just’ fits in, becoming a structural member 😛

The headlights need clearanced, thankfully, someone has already done this partly on these headlights, so I feel less bad about doing it more….

All clearanced and plenty of space

Bonnet latch fitted back on to see where it fits and how to support it.

I’ll just weld a bit of plate in the back and it can bolt to the intercooler.

It all go back together relatively well, some tweaks to be made to get panel gaps between the lights, grill and bonnet.

Next up the intercooler pipes.

Just dug out some scraps, but I’ll be able to use a normal 90 silicon bend and a bit of hard piping welded onto the intercooler.

Something like this. It might change yet as I have a couple of ideas.

The best part is the intercooler is now way up out of the impact range and is within 5mm of the air conditioner core, so it will ensure all the air will flow through the intercooler when the radiator fans are running.

And that’s it for the day, time to do some other work.

Till next time.