Legnum – Intercooler Upgrade – Part 4

With the Legnum running, time to get back onto making this intercooler work.

The plan is to weld up these old inlet holes.

So out came the 2.5″ hole saw and some 4mm aluminium plate.

Two of these were cut out.

Plonked on and ready for welding.

Wow. I am rusty as feck with the TIG. I dipped a few times and a couple of times I had a gust of wind come into the workshop and blow the argon off the weld causing instant porosity… But what ever, I’m no Instahoe welder.

Intercooler fitted back in so I can begin working on the inlet pipes.

I ended up buying a 300mm straight 2.5″ intercooler pipe which comes a bead on both ends. I will cut each end off to use as an inlet/outlet on the intercooler core.

Working out roughly where the holesaw will have to go into the intercooler end tank.

A pilot hole drilled, ready to guide the hole saw.

Eye balling the correct angle.

This looks like complete ass with the piece removed.

However the pipe fits pretty nicely! The silicon will go on nicely.

The inlet has now been marked and oriented, it will soon be removed and have the excess trimmed.

Once it is trimmed, it can be welded.

Pretty good flow into the core, with a less steep inlet angle compared to the original tank design on this intercooler.

I ran out of time to keep working on this, so I’ll be back at it another day.

Till next time.