Legnum – Intercooler Upgrade – Part 6

Picked up the 135 deg bend from AutoOne today, so lets get back into this!

Hole saw through the tank.

What a mess… lol

Put the new inlet in and mark it

Pull it back out and trim

Trimmed and deburred.

Inlet pushed back in and ready for welding.

Welds are still sinful, but they do look less horrible than the last lot.

Back into the car, time to fit the silicons.

The 90 deg bend on the hot side will need to be replaced with an uncut one as it’s only getting around 15mm of grip onto the hard pipe. The 135 deg bend need 20mm trimmed off the intercooler side to fit properly.

The crash bar fitted back on, the intercooler sits way behind it now. I could honestly get this side intercooler in 100mm thick and have space.

Roughly slopped the front back and grill on, barely see the intercooler walking around it.

Started it up and drove it outside the workshop and let the motor run for a while.

Gave it a couple of revs and none of the silicon bends popped off (they have no clamps currently), so that’s a small victory.
Next up it’s time to add the mounts for the intercooler to bolt it to the chassis and to get some clamps on the bends.
Till next time!