Legnum Major Service – Part 21

The Legnum had a few dash lights on after getting it all back together, some I knew about (TCL Light), others were new (ABS). So it wasn’t likely to pass registration inspection without them being resolved. The TCL light was always on, so I put the car into diagnostic mode and counted the flashing patterns.

Error 77 –  TCL vacuum system or ventilation solenoid

This thing. A quick investigation with the multi meter determined the top solenoid was 0 ohms and open circuit.

I found that a local delivered Mitsubishi Verada had the same solenoids, but on a different bracket. $100 of ebay shipped.

They arrived, I fitted it, turn the car on, TCL light still on! Put it into Diagnostic mode.

Error 77 –  TCL vacuum system or ventilation solenoid

For fuck sake, threw the multi meter on the new solenoid, open circuit…. It’s $400+ for this solenoid brand new from Mitsubishi.
Going to let this one marinate for a bit ***

Next up was the ABS light, well after some research, it appears that when I put the new 98+ front up rights on for the Brembo conversions, it required different ABS sensors. I had just reused the ones I had, which it turns out are about 15mm shorter! So I sourced some second hand sensors from New Zealand.

Fitted them, ABS light still on, for fuck sake!
After pulling both sensors back out and testing them, I found that the front left sensor was buggered.

*** I think that marinating is done.
I decided to pull the dash out and I’d just pull the TCL and ABS globes like a dodgy bastard and deal with it later.

Oh look at that, there is a lot of missing bulbs…….

Pointing my workshop light into the back of the empty bulbs. I found a few blanks, which are reserved for features or functions this car doesn’t have and I then found the following.

Check Engine light… Oh.

AYC…. Oh

Skids…. Hello there.

I took the bulb out of the TCL socket, then put it into the AYC and then put the ABS bulb into the Check Engine Light.
Powering the car up in diagnostic mode showed some more codes….

Engine codes
Error 62 – Unknown
Error 71 – Vacuum Control Solenoid Valve System <T/C – A/T>    <—- The same code from the TCL light.

AYC Codes
Error 22 – FL wheel speed sensor system

Well I knew about Error 71 and Error 22, but the Error 62 is unknown and the motor doesn’t seem to have any issues.
#YOLO. I pulled the AYC bulb out and left the Check Engine Light in. It didn’t display any codes normally and turn off shortly after ignition is keyed.

In the next episode, we will suck it and see if we can get the Legnum registered!