ZZW30 – Service Time!

The ZZW30 has been doing a fair few miles lately as it gets daily driven and a couple of things started to show signs of wear.
Service – The usual 5000km oil and filter change.
Brakes – Rotors/pads looked worn and the pedal was a bit soft.
Lights – The one of the headlight bulbs crapped it on the low beam and I decided it was time to upgrade to some cheap assed LEDs.

First up the service, so on the hoist it went.

The GC8 once against pushed into the cold….
Pan under, time to drop it.

Not pitch black and it didn’t feel gritty, so the layman brain says its okay.

New filter, prefilled it with oil and oiled the seal.

Filter fitted and torqued up to two fingers tight on the ratchet 😛

New oil in, started, topped off and then back on the hoist in the other direction


Wheel off and onto the first rotor/pads.

Tiny assed brakes, but they seem to do the job.

Big 50mm single piston calipers hahaha. Seem weird after having dealt  with the Brembo and Sumitomo 4 pots in the other cars.

Pads not as worn as originally thought.

Probably would have done another 20000km, but I can see they are also tapering a bit.

Rotor off and ready for a quick brake clean.

Brembo rotors, the choice of CHAMPIONS! I’ve had a headache finding these rotors from the local manufactures like DBA and RDA, it was a surprise to find Brembo had them and a local business stocked them.

And they are actually the right parts (Unlike the ones I bought for the Legnum the first time……)

Part numbers for anyone else looking for them.

On it goes. Shiny!

A quick hit with brake cleaner and a nylon brush. It’s ugly but better then it was.

I’ve spent a few to many light nights fighting tight, rounded and broken bolts, anything I think will get rusted or stuck, gets copper grease on it.

I was hoping to get the DBA Street Performance pads, but they don’t make them for the ZZW30. Decided it was easier to go the basic, but easily available off the shelf option. For $55, I’m willing to give them a go.

All assembled, pumped the pedal and it firmed up straight away, so no oppsies there.

Wheel back on and onto the otherside.

I needed to pull the plastic trims off for doing the LED bulbs, so did it while I was flushing the brake fluid. Here you get to see the Electric Hydraulic Power Steering unit (EHPS) and ABS unit mounted to the chassis.

LED Bulb time.
Yeah, china gold (fools?), look like the same things as in the Legnum, and they have the same issues….

The mounting boss is too thing, so they align, but the retainer cannot clamp it.

And I did the same dirty thing as I did with the Legnum….. Zipties.

In she goes.

Drivers side done, comparing it to the passenger side with the craptastic Philips bulb.

Both done and much nicer.

All the lumens!


Anyway, that should keep it going for a while longer.
Next up I’ll probably replace the exhaust tip which something cooler…