Supra Drag Night

The Supra Club had offered and invite to Toymods to join them at the Wednesday Drags at Sydney Dragway.
So while the GC8 and Legnum were offline, I took the MR-S.

Half day at work and arrived an hour early (trying to avoid fkn Sydney traffic)

Once I got the hang of getting the SMT to do a burnout from the water box and to get it to launch (haha).
All in all, while not fast, the SMT is bloody consistent. It punched out consistent 16.5xx’s all night, ended up trying to get my R/T as low as possible, still only got it to a lazy .221. Will have to take it back for another run and try to get is as close to .001 for the usual cash prize they run.

Best run for the night was 16.514