P2 Supercharger – What is it?

The Speedmaster P2 Supercharger is a clone/knock off of the Vortech centrifugal range of superchargers.
Unfortunately it ships without a gearbox and is a little pricy for just a core ($1250+).
Until recently….


That’s right, $1295.91 down to $490… And at the time, if you paid with AfterPay, Ebay gave you another 25% off! Yep, for $370, one of these toys could be mine to tinker with and not cost me good turbo / supercharger money…

So as I do with many things, I impulse bought one. I don’t have an immediate use for it, but I believe I have the available tools, skills and knowledge to make it ‘work’ good enough to throw on one of the cars, maybe the 3MZFE when it goes in the AW11. Anyway, it shipped and arrived relatively quick.

It’s fucking huge.

Big boy impeller

Nearly take a full 4 fingers…

While it lacks a gearbox, it does have a simple T5 18 tooth timing pulley on the impeller shaft.

Quality looks ‘OK’. Will see how it looks once it’s being spun by something.

Till next time!