P2 Supercharger – The Gearbox – Part 2

After the initial CADing, I soon found that the holes where not evenly spaced.
I did a bunch of printed test jigs to get the hole pattern worked out.

Once the pattern with within 0.5mm, I adjust the model and hit print.

~ 260mm x 240mm x 24mm

Plonked onto the supercharger and it lines up perfect.

Pressed the bearing in.

It almost looks like a thing…

Off to the workshop to do some machining.

Grabbed a length of 32mm Titanium bar I have laying around and dropped it into the power hacksaw. Where it proceeded to remove most of the teeth on the blade, forcing me to replace the blade with a spare 😛

Into the lathe and send it!

The long side is roughed out, I’ll machine it specifically to suit the pulley after it has been bored.

Bearing fitted on nicely.

Quick test fit, looks like a thing.

A couple of days later, I swung into the workshop and machined the pulley most of the way, just need to do the final bore to size, then finished the shaft to be a press fit.

Till next time!