Legnum – Transfer Case Swap – Part 1

Been procrastinating a bit on this job, but it was time to face the music.

GC8 was bumped outside, Legnum in and lifted up.

Unpacked the new transfer case to make sure there was no obvious faults.

Bought some new toys for this job, make removing driveshafts and the transfer case easier

Unbolted the lower control arms and popped the passenger drive shaft out, then used a ratchet strap to tie it out of the road.
This side needs to be removed to pull a long stub shaft out of the gearbox which goes threw the front diff and into the center diff (inside the transfer case).

Y-pipe off and out of the way. I always thought the Y-pipe on the 1MZ was bad, but this is a proper abortion…. I really want to make a new version!

Another new tool for the job.

Of course it did not have the right attachment for what I needed. Found one of the attachments that would work, drilled an 8mm hole in it and fitted a M8 head bolt from a 1MZ into it. Threaded that into the stub shaft, couple of bangs and out she came.

Quick test fit into the new transfer, fitted nicely.

Let me share a fail….When I replaced the lower control arms, I did it with the engine out. I accidentally put this bolt in backwards… Trying to remove it means it just hits the sump.

This sump has been hit before and leaks oil, I have a brand new one on the shelf ready to go… So lets hammer the sump to clear the bolt 😀

Ta da!

The transfer case is held on with 6 bolts and 1 of them is right in a painful spot, but with a little flexing of the turbo drain pipe, we managed!

Ok… Well maybe it was before it failed 😀

Old on the left, new on the right. Tomorrow I put it in!

Till next time!