Legnum – Transfer Case Swap – Part 2

I decided to pull the inspection cover off the old transfer case to confirm it was indeed damaged. Yep, it’s munted.

Metal all over the inspection plate.

Decided to check the new transfer case, it was fine thankfully.

Clean inspection plate.

After getting in a comfortable position to lift the transfer case, it went on pretty easily. Putting in the bolts finger tight to stop it falling back off.

Then torqued the case bolts up to 65Nm

Stub shaft reinserted into the gearbox and transfer case, then the driveshaft and started bolting all the suspension back on.

The suspension took a couple of hours as I had to fight the coil covers a couple of times to get the bolts to line up and one ball joint refused to seat properly and would not tighten up. I also took the time to replace the 3 piece tail shaft with a spare.

Transfer case topped up with fresh fluid (650ml!) and ready to go!

Till next time.